The Literacy Program

“ This is a nation wide movement to improve the literacy and life skills of our children  ”

Chaitanya MRSK

Founder & CEO, Teach For Change

A good quality education for their children is every parent’s dream. They see it as a ladder to a better life. And, not very long ago, government schools in India helped them get there. Several luminaries from various walks of life were, in fact, products of these schools.

However, a lot has changed in recent years. In the last two years alone, more than six and a half million children have moved out of government schools owing to the poor quality of education there. And countless small private schools promising ‘English medium’ education have mushroomed all over the country. Ironically enough, research shows that on average, private schools deliver only as well as the government school.

Research further points that only 50 percent of Class V children are able to read a class II text fluently in India

To change this scenario, we launched The Literacy Program in 2014 to transform the lives of millions of children in low income communities by focusing on literacy and life skills in education. This nation wide movement works in Collaboration with local communities, organisations and governments, to develop literacy skills and habit of reading among primary school children. As part of the program committed Indians volunteer to teach at Government schools in their neighborhood. The volunteers are screened and trained before they are allocated to a neighborhood school.

The volunteers teach modules that are specially developed to improve the speaking, reading, writing and listening skills of the students. An English speaking environment is created in the classroom to help the students assimilate the language easily.

Each volunteer commits to one academic year’s classroom teaching. Over the academic year volunteers strive to touch the lives of each child and leave no one behind. The Literacy Program allows us to work with each student for three academic years ( Class III – Class V) which are the child’s formative years.

The Literacy Program is currently active across the nation.

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The Volunteer Recruitment Process

  • Screening and Selection
  • Training
  • School Allotment
  • Teaching and Assessment of Impact
  • Review and