TFC Smart Classroom Initiative

“ If the rural school does not have sufficient number of classrooms and are perennially understaffed with one teacher teaching four classes, no amount of digital intervention will make any significant dent in the quality of learning ”

Dr. Ajit Kanitkar

Development Consultant at the Tata Education and Development Trust

The Education Ministry of India launched NIPUN Bharat Mission under National Education Policy 2022. Recognising the importance of early learning, the NEP 2020 states that “Our highest priority must be to achieve universal foundational literacy and numeracy in primary schools by 2026-27.“ In alignment to the mission of NIPUN Bharat, Teach for Change’s Smart Classrooms aim at advancing Foundational Language skills in Primary school children. An ambiance is created in a room with Painted Walls, Low Lying Tables, Carpets, Bookshelves, a flat television screen and a specially designed Audio-Visual Curriculum to enhance Phonics and Language Abilities to children studying in Grades 1 to 5. We are highly invested in monitoring and evaluation of the program. Every year, through this initiative approximately 2865 students are being benefitted.

With a vision to transform Foundational Literacy Skills in rural areas, we have embarked upon a large-scale project in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri District. The project is being implemented in 56 Government Primary Schools in the district with over 110 government school English Teachers and Headmasters roped in as implementing partners impacting 3064 students. This project has opened doors for many more government partnerships for this academic year.