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Teach for Change Smart Classroom Initiative

Teach for Change Smart Classroom launched in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri District.

(Launched on *September 5th, 2022)

Teach for Change Impact

Government Schools supported
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Volunteers at Teach for Change

About Us

Teach For Change is a non profit organisation working to improve the quality of education in government schools in India. Established in 2014 the organisation runs two programs that address the foundational challenges faced by our government schools.

The flagship volunteer program provides volunteer teachers to government schools which are understaffed and face a lack of leadership. The Smart Classroom program addresses the need to improve the foundational literacy and numeracy among children from low income communities studying in government schools.



High Quality Education for all, regardless of their family’s income
Empower every child regardless of their family’s economic status and help them achieve their fullest potential by gaining the support of the community. Adapt technology and continuously evolve into an innovative, scalable & progressive organization that transforms & enriches lives by providing quality education.

Stories of Change

We began with 10 schools, and currently, we are active in over 500 Government Schools across India with the commitment of volunteers, leaders of government, industry and media.

This journey which set out to leave no child behind has turned into a movement and we have many stories to celebrate.