I was born in Chhattisgarh and migrated to Hyderabad with my parents when I was 3-year-old. My father and mother work as construction workers with a dream in their eyes to make me an Army Officer. I started going to school with the help of Pavan’s mother who is now my best friend and classmate too.

When I stepped into the Teach For Change classroom for the first time, I was very scared. After attending two to three classes I enjoyed Teach For Change class a lot and the way the Teach For Change Bahiya taught us. I found it hard to understand what he was teaching us in class and could not keep up. Bhaiya stayed back with me after school to go through the lesson again and helped me to understand and learn. I began to start understanding and grasping new concepts. Nizamuddin Bhaiya made us play a game, teach us English and do many extracurricular activities.

I find a lot of difference in myself and got many opportunities because of Teach For Change and started to take part in all the activities. I was awarded with the first prize in 100 meter running race and in Kabaddi too which was held at Flimnagar Government School and got second prize for being the best student in the school. I have also participated in Dance competition held at Ravindra Bharati.

I am lucky because I got a chance to be in a Teach For Change classroom.


Sai Krishna is a spirited young boy of 15 years old, class 7 student of Government High School in Shaikpet, Hyderabad. His father being a construction labourer and mother suffering from Osteoarthritis made Sai Krishna’s life tough towards shaping and mainstreaming his career in a right way. His aim is to become a doctor. Apart from that his second motive is that he wants to enhance his education by implementing his knowledge and creating new things. Therefore,

He says “Teach For Change is a good platform for me through which I am able to improve my interpersonal and communication skills. Teach For Change class is providing me new techniques which are helping me in enhancing my knowledge and making my path functioning smoothly. It’s like a new beginning in my life. I have gained a lot of confidence and my teachers tell me that I am showing good progress in my studies.

Before joining the Teach For Change class I was not focused towards my studies and was not able to understand what have been taught in class which resulted in my failure.

Hence, I am very grateful to Teach For Change for grooming my knowledge with the support of activities: play, drama, movie screening both social and educational and role plays. I feel that Teach For Change has brought changes not only in my etiquette and personality but had made me self dependent.


Tuniki Hari Kumar is one of the most mischievous kids in the class, but with tones of talent and grasping power he is a very energetic kid. Hari is a 13-year-old boy studying in 7th standard, English Medium, Govt. High School. During the first days of my teaching, I was totally fed up with him and his group. He would tease, disturb others while I was teaching, he was a real head ache. One Saturday, I shouted on him and asked him to stand throughout the period. He agreed to that and stood for the whole hour. I was startled, as I thought he would not adhere and fight back, but he stood calmly throughout the entire class. I was really happy, as for the first time he obeyed my word. But from the next class, everything was back to normal and he started being naughty again. Slowly after few classes, I got used to it and later I started enjoying his and his whole groups naughtiness. If any one of their group’s boys were absent, that day wouldn’t be a great day for me. Hari Kumar is very good at Math, he can tell all the tables up to 20.

One day, I gave a task to the whole class about their future goals. Most of them said they wanted to become doctors and engineers, where in Hari Kumar said he wants to become an IPS officer. I asked why? He said, “It’s my parents wish to see me as an IPS Officer, I will work hard for it”. Hari Kumar’s father Narendar Kumar a car driver, his mother Bhagya Lakshmi is a home maker and there are two brothers, one elder one younger to him.

After listening to all the students in the class I gave them few tips and asked to follow them daily like reading English news papers, watching news channels, answering quiz questions etc. Thank you Teach For Change for giving me this wonderful opportunity to teach these wonderful kids.


I was leading my routine life without any aim. I met the Teach For Change Volunteer Mrs. Malini Madam who transformed my life totally. I was very poor in learning English. No confidence. I was not able to read, write and speak the language. No ambition in my life. But after joining her I came to know the value of education and why English is very essential in our life. I developed to a stage where I participated in the English Competition. She teaches me our traditional classical dance (Bharatnatyam). This made me to realize our traditional values. Now I want to be a professional classical dancer and reach a high position in the society with my education. I got 1st prize in the Pega Teach For Change Inter School Dance Competition. Now my idea towards life has been totally transformed and I came to know that we should achieve with simplicity and humbleness. I am very thankful to Teach For Change.


Teach For Change teachers are very good. My teachers names are Anna Ma’am and Shoba Ma’am and they look very beautiful. The teachers teach very nicely. They come to our school every Saturday. They show us the story on the laptop and we understand the story and then they ask questions and we answer. Our teacher selected five students from my school for the children’s day competition and we went to the Pega office in Hitech City.
Anna Ma’am trained me for the elocution competition. Though I did not win, I enjoyed the program at the Pega office.

When there is a festival, Anna Ma’am and Shoba Ma’am give us sweets. When we have doubts we ask them, they clarify and we understand very well.

To summarize, I would like to say that I enjoy Teach For Change classes, because Anna Ma’am and Shoba Ma’am are very helpful teachers. And we have lots of fun in the class.

Thank you Teach For Change!

Thank You Teachers!